A Guide to Previous Car Owners History

Finding how many owners a car has had is crucial in the UK market. The reason is a vehicle with four or more owners is hard to sell. Moreover, you need to understand that what you see on the logbook (V5C document) is the number of previous keepers, excluding the one who keeps the vehicle right now. We mean, if you find the logbook mentions ‘No of Previous Keepers' is 4, it precisely has five keepers. The fifth person is the one who keeps it presently.

We should also not mix up the registered keeper with the owner. A car can change its keeper without changing its ownership. However, whenever a car sells, it has to change the owner.

With our car owner check, you will know how many keepers or owners a vehicle has had and when did they register with the DVLA. Please note we cannot provide the name of the owner and their address in our data check since we are bound to follow UK laws. Moreover, there is no such thing as car owner check free. It is a premium service, and every Vehicle Data Agency charges for this information.

Check Previous Car Owners Details via DVLA

If you are interested in knowing about the previous owners, there are just two ways. Either you can ask the DVLA, or you run our keeper's history check. Checking the previous owner through the DVLA is not that simple. Furthermore, the DVLA may not entertain you if you do not have a reasonable cause. It means they cannot just tell you about previous owners of a vehicle because you are interested in buying it.

We at Car Analytics highly recommend checking the number of car owners before your buy. It will not only save you from fraud but will also help you determine whether the car is reliable or not. A car changing multiple owners in a short time is a huge red flag.