Functional Skills Online

Some may question whether it is reasonable to suggest that Functional Skills online has credibility and can teaching be carried out in a virtual environment?

Over the last 15 months, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has had to learn to carry out their every day tasks in a different way. Whether it be wearing face coverings on public transport or completing home schooling with the help of parents/guardians and online studies.

Whilst initially everything was new and unnerving, all concerned managed to fall into this new routine and continue their daily life as best as they could.

Functional Skills English and Maths have been core subjects for some time. Initially introduced in 2007, on a three-year pilot programme, the intention was to develop qualifications that would be suitable for all learners. There are five levels to this qualification and three subject areas. Functional Skills Level 2 are equivalent to a GCSE pass and accepted by universities and employers.

We now have enough data to provide proof that Functional Skills online can and does work, with all students going on to successfully complete their qualifications, enabling them to progress with their careers. Many learners reporting that this enables them to study without interfering with jobs or current responsibilities as all studies can be carried out in their own time, anywhere they wish as long as they have access to a desktop or laptop.

For more information about how to complete Functional Skills online, contact Learn Now Distance Learning College.