GCSE Online Courses

GCSE courses would normally be studied at school between the ages of 14-16 and most learners are unaware that GCSE Online courses are even possible.

During the last 15 months, more and more students have been introduced to online learning as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold and schools were closed for a considerable time.

Many found this difficult as the technology in schools was not in place ready and this caused many problems for learners who were not able to receive the help they needed.

When learners choose to study their GCSE course online with an online learning college, all materials to complete the course are provided and their course is set up for the purpose of studying online. As Tutors are also set up specifically for students to contact online, this system works extremely well.

International students are also able to study online with International GCSE courses made available. This means that examinations can be sat outside the UK with, in excess of 113 destinations available. International GCSEs are also available to international students in the UK and students can feel safe in the knowledge that these qualifications are accepted internationally.

As examinations were cancelled for the second time, due to the pandemic, awarding bodies have had to be more flexible with their assessments and learners have been required to submit enough varied work to allow teachers to take an overall picture and award a final grade.

This has angered some students as they feel that they have not yet produced their best work and are of the understanding that they perform better in exam conditions.

With the uncertainty of the progression of Covid-19, the UK Prime Minister @Boris Johnson announced early on in January that the assessment method above would be used. Although he indicated early what the requirements would be, the awarding bodies seemed to take their time organising the systems in order to advise schools and colleges what they would need from them as their final requirements.

Hopefully this will be the last time that predicted grades are going to be a requirement but only time will tell!