How Do Young Drivers Get Low-Cost Car Insurance?

Young drivers are more apt to be affected in an accident, according to statistics, with 17-25-year-olds being responsible for one-third of all traffic deaths. Unsurprisingly, car insurance for people under 25 usually cost higher in the United Kingdom. However, there are still various ways to get affordable car insurance for young drivers.

  • Buy the right car: All cars are classified under one of the 50 insurance categories. The cheapest vehicle to insure in the UK is in classes 1-5. Young drivers with expensive, fast cars will find it in the earlier categories. It is preferable to choose a car that will impress you rather than picking a car that impresses your mates.

  • Consider black box insurance: A black box is an electronic device about the size of a cell phone where a new driver car insurance provider puts in your vehicle. Black boxes use satellite technology to monitor anything from how aggressively you accelerate and break to what time of day you're driving. The key benefit is to saves money. Installing a black box in your car is likely to lower the car insurance rate in your first year of driving, and the price you pay for the next year could be much lower than it would have been.

  • Add another driver: Adding a second 'named driver,' who has more experience and is older than you, will lower the insurance rate because insurers will expect to share driving responsibility.

  • Go for a higher excess: You have the option of paying a higher voluntary excess that significantly reduces your premium. When you get an initial quote, the extra you choose determines the amount of service you will get. It's important to remember that young drivers are statistically more likely to file a lawsuit within the first 12 months of obtaining their license, so keep that in mind.