What Does Talent Acquisition Mean for the UK Labour Market?

Talent Acquisition plays a critical role in the HR range and determines the success of the organization. Talent Acquisition is about identifying the right talent and engaging them with different business parts to achieve seamless business operations. Reasonable skills are vital activities involved in Talent Acquisition, employer branding, staff planning and creating a robust candidate pipeline.

Establishing Recruitment Goals:

It is one of the essential steps in the entire hiring process. To positively impact the bottom line, recruitment objectives must be strategically aligned with organizational goals. For example, if an organization's primary focus or goal is Customer Success, it is critical to hire people driven to achieve Customer Success throughout its fabric. There have been numerous instances where organizations hire people with poor customer service skills, and the brand and business suffer.

Key Recruitment Metrics:

Recruiting metrics are metrics that provide information about the value and effectiveness of your recruiting process. There are numerous metrics to track during the hiring process, but here are the seven most important ones that every recruiter should follow.

  • Sourcing stats
  • Applicant drop off rates
  • Time to hire
  • Quality of hire
  • Cost per hire
  • Offer Acceptance/rejection rates
  • Early turnover
  • Something to note here is a unique approach – Wells Fargo targets its customers into its recruitment cycle – they advertise job openings on their customer receipts. At the same time, Ikea does it on their customers' packaging. A counter-argument to this approach is that no one knows more about the products than the customers themselves, and they would be thrilled to be a part of the company! As human resource professionals, this is the highest level of credibility that anyone can provide about a company's products or services.

    Given the post-pandemic situation and the recently implemented Brexit norms, talent acquisition is undoubtedly in a state of uncertainty and indefinitely. There appears to be a shift in power from the employer to the candidate, and a more proactive recruitment approach is required.